Youth, Kids, and Youth Garden Art

Video Art by Mellia: May 2024

Check out this video with Cypress Community Garden. Great music. Produced by Mellia, a student and neighbour. Also on the About Us Page.

Students Age 6-8 Nature Visit to Cypress Community Garden 2023

On July 14th 2023, Summer Camp Students visited our community Garden to explore and to learn about the Pollinator Garden, and the role of insects and bugs in a healthy natural environment. The students age 6-8 also discovered some of the garden’s produce–apples, rhubarb, and herbs. The young summer camp students saw aphids and bumblebees and ladybirds, and had the significance of how the the the ladybirds and aphids interacted explained. They were thrilled to learn about the important difference between a bug and a beetle. Coordinators Chelsea Sweeney and biologist Ken Naumann met with the group and led the exploration. Riley the Community Garden Greeter assisted.

Garden Art 2021: T-Shirt Art by Mellia: “I Love Mother Nature”-Aug 29 2021

© Cypress Garden by Sara in Section 1-2020

Canada Day Butterfly by Mellia 2020

April 2020: “A picture of the Wonderful Gardeners” by Olivia

A dog at Cypress Garden in June by Frankie, Section 3 2020