Pollinator Garden

Read Below on our Pollinator Garden: And Check out the Butterfly Identifier guide also below. Meanwhile:

March 20th 2023: Leave the Dead leaves: its important to NOT rake up leaves right now until its warmer because pollinators are wintering under them. There are websites that provide information on this—

https://davidsuzuki.org/living-green/how-to-leave-the-leaves/.  Or https://beecitycanada.org/its-time-to-leavetheleaves/#:~:text=Keeping%20leaves%20intact%20will%20still,have%20emerged%20to%20start%20foraging.

Pollinator Garden: Located on the North Side of Section 3: This small section of BC plants can support native butterflies from eggs to adults.

APRIL 17th 2021: Section 3 gardeners Connie, Penny and Suzanne helped put in the first installment of Native plants.

The project is part of the David Suzuki Foundation’s national Butterflyway program. Volunteer Lee Anne Smith is the Butterfly Ranger for this project. Lee Anne lives at 8th & Cypress and is thrilled that the Cypress Community garden is collaborating with her. 

This Neighbourhood Small Grant project was funded by the Vancouver Foundation and administered by Kitsilano Neighbourhood House though the City of Vancouver‘s Neighbourhood Small Grants  program. Thank you to all the funders!

The funds were used to purchase the plants and will also produce an informational sign post to help educate the public on what native plants can support native butterflies. Please stay tuned!

MAY 11 2021: An Update from Lee Anne, Butterfly Ranger with the David Suzuki Butterflyway Program:

The Cypress Native Plant and Pollinator area is starting to grow! Some of you have asked what butterflies might visit. Here is a link to a poster that the David Suzuki Foundation has created for our area. It might be a year or two before the plants are big enough for us to see butterflies or larvae. Some of the plants in the garden that are not on this poster are Salal, Pacific Bleeding Heart, Nodding Onion and  Elderberry.

Another Question: Is it too early to spot butterflies searching for food or a place to lay eggs?

No! I have seen the Cabbage White flitting around in the blackberries already. This butterfly loves to lay eggs on kale and other brassica vegetables. The larvae will then eat the plant and maybe leave a pupae! We can live harmoniously with the delicate Cabbage White butterfly by leaving one plant for the butterfly and netting the other plants for yourself. Here is an article from Britain that is helpful.

August 27 2021: The final phase of the Cypress native plant and pollinator project was celebrated on Aug 27th.

Artist Valentina and Cypress gardener Andrea install the butterfly art on August 27th 2021.
Information signboard by Scott Staniland