Work Parties

The Work Party Schedule for 2022 is posted here. Work Party Schedule 2022 and AGM date 2022

Note:  For Work Parties, please see the Work Party Tasks to be carried out.  Remember that the Work Parties–4 of them, are a requirement for renewal of membership.  If you cannot attend a Work Party, inform your Section Rep and arrange for make-up work.       


Covid-19 City of Vancouver Protocols:

1) Phase One of the Covid-19 emergency mid-March to May 19 2020:  In late March and through April and May,  the City of Vancouver announced that all Community Garden Work Parties were suspended.   In line with the City of Vancouver requirements, gardeners were required to tend plots or common areas individually, maintaining a 2 meter (6 feet) distance between individuals at all times.  No sharing of tools or implements was permitted.   


2) Phase 2: On May 22nd 2020 the City wrote that as the Province was entering Phase 2 of Covid-19 protocols, sharing of tools would be permitted. However, the following protocols still applied: 

Maintain physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) between individuals who are not in your bubble.   Make sure to wash hands and disinfect before and after use when accessing shared tools (hoses included);

BC’s Restart Plan with 4 steps began on May 25th 2021

-With Step 3 which began on  July 1 2021: B.C Public Health Office now permits outdoor events which for groups such as our Community garden, means that work parties are OK. It is still recommended to continue to follow advice on staying home if sick, washing hands, covering coughs or sneezes, and keeping a 2 metre distance from those not in your family group or bubble.

April 2020

Above: 2020 Work Parties

Below: March to September 2021 Work Parites
Spring Work Party March 19 2022 The first large work party since the beginning of the Pandemic!