How do I get a plot in Cypress Community Garden?


Thank you for your interest in Cypress Community Gardens. Please note that we started a new Application/Wait list for the 2023 growing season on Nov 1st, 2022.  If you applied last year and were not assigned a garden plot, you needed to re-apply as we start a new Wait List each year beginning on Nov 1st. As every year, we are unable to accept email applications for the next growing season prior to Nov 1st.  Thus: Applications for a garden plot and the Wait list must be made on or after November 1st at 12:00 am. Put another way: applications cannot be accepted before midnight on October 31st. Please note—the email indicating that you would like to apply for a plot in the garden is all you need to send along with your email contact info. There is no form to fill out at this point.

See Applications to the Garden on the menu of this website to read about how applicants are placed on a Wait List. 1) We will acknowledge applications to the Wait List by mid November. 2) The first email applications on the Wait List (yes, its time dated)– will be informed by mid December if they will be receiving a plot. THE WAIT LIST IS NOW CLOSED DUE TO THE NUMBER OF APPLICANTS FAR EXCEEDING THE NUMBER OF PLOTS THAT TYPICALLY COME AVAILABLE THROUGH THE YEAR



How much does membership in the garden cost?


The annual membership fee is $30.


What do I get with my membership?


Each garden member is assigned a plot approximately 3.6 ft x 9 ft (1.18 m x 2.72 m). in size. There are hoses for each section of the garden.


What are the responsibilities of membership?


Members are expected to maintain their individual plots, and the gardens associated with their section. Members also work on the gardens as a whole contributing to the cleanup of common areas along the block-long gardens.  To this end, attendance at four 2-hour Work parties through the growing season is required for membership and renewal. Members agree to and sign the Membership Rules and Guidelines annually when paying membership dues.  A link to the Membership Rules and Guidelines in posted on the “About Us” page.


Garden members contribute to the community as a whole by maintaining the garden and there are many opportunities for work on public and common areas and specific committees. The more involved members become, the better it is for the garden–and the community!


Do I have to live in the Cypress Community Garden neighbourhood?


Members can come from any part of the City of Vancouver and do. A successful garden plot, however, is a significant time commitment, so you should expect to visit the garden several times per week in the growing season to weed, water and tend your plot and to contribute to the maintenance of the larger garden area as well.


What can I grow in my plot?


As a garden member, you are free to use your plot pretty much as you wish, as long as the plot is kept free of weeds, and is tidy, and what you grow is legal! Some plant types, however, may be restricted due to problems with disease or invasiveness.


What does it mean that the garden is ‘organic’?

In an organic garden, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are permitted. Compost and organic fertilizers are used to amend the soil. The links on our website offer ideas on organic soil-building and pest control.


I’ve never had a garden before. Does that matter?


Not at all! Everyone is welcome at Cypress Community Garden, and it is a great place to develop your green thumb and to learn from experienced gardeners.


Who do I contact for more information about the garden?


Please send us an email at: