About Us

Cypress Community Garden is located between Cypress and Burrard Streets along 6th Avenue in Kitsilano. Our garden borders on the Arbutus Greenway. Volunteers work thoughout the year on clean-up of public spaces and nurturing trees, flowers and vegetables.


Vegetable plots and composter

To promote organic gardening methods; To foster inter-generational cooperation and community initiatives; To enhance the beauty of the neighbourhood and the city through the creation of a vibrant urban green space; To contribute to sustainability through education concerning urban food production.


Cypress Community Garden operates under a garden permit issued by the City of Vancouver.

Membership in the garden is open to Vancouver residents only.  Visitors however are welcome and come from the lower mainland, the province and many are international visitors.


The garden is currently administered by a four member Coordinating Committee (Chair, Treasurer and Special Projects Coordinator, Membership and Email Coordinator, and Public Relations/Website Coordinator), along with  two Section Representatives for each of the five Sections, and a Coordinator for each of the 3 Common-areas: the Burrard End Garden and Bird Garden at the east end of the site, and the Perennial Garden at the west end (at Cypress Street and 6th Avenue). Additional positions will be developed as the need arises. 

Plots vary in size but are approximately 3.6 ft x 9 ft (1.18 m x 2.72 m). An annual membership fee of $30 pays for maintenance of fences and the water system, tools, association membership(s), enhancement and improvement projects and other related expenses. Membership fees are due November 1st of each year or upon acceptance into the garden (for new memberships). Membership Guidelines and Rules (see link above), must be signed each year in order for Members to join or to renew their plots.

These stipulate a member’s responsibilities, fulfillment of which is necessary for renewal.  An Annual General Meeting is held each year in the early spring to discuss general business, finances, and garden concerns or suggested initiatives. Smaller meetings through the season assess ongoing projects and improvements. 

Two all-member general garden clean-up work parties in the spring and fall, as well as Section work parties approximately every 2 weeks, are held in the growing season to maintain the common areas of the garden. Members are expected to participate in four garden clean-up parties (two all-member parties in Fall and Spring, and two Section work parties through the season) each year.


Google Maps view.

In addition, community garden members should be prepared to volunteer some extra time to the garden (e.g. being a Section rep, taking minutes at meetings, doing additional garden maintenance or improvements, working on special projects, etc.).

Above is a schematic map of the garden showing the Perennial Garden at the west along Cypress Street; the 5 Sections with vegetable plots; and the Bird Garden and Burrard End Garden to the east closest to Burrard Street