Green Space


Green space is a crucial part of every city.  Read on: 


Green space increases property value, tourism, social interaction, community-mindedness, and aesthetic pleasure. Green space benefits community members both emotionally and psychologically with pedestrian friendly areas. Green space also delivers environmental education and increases environmental awareness to both children and adults.



DID YOU KNOW–Nov 29th 2021:  Solutions from City Planners !! Nature in the cityscape !! Read this news item on how green-scapes as opposed to asphalt and hard surfaces help avoid problem run offs of water. There is a map of road and sidewalk covered streams here in Vancouver.



Cypress Community Garden Provides this kind of green-scape along the asphalt of the Greenway.   Runners, cyclists, dog owners, and people on their way to businesses and shops on Fourth Avenue, Broadway, Burrard and Granville Island all benefit from the green space of Cypress Community Garden beside the Arbutus Greenway on 6th Avenue.


What is particularly important about this area is that a multi-generational community including children and seniors has participated in and benefited from our community garden’s effort to cultivate and beautify this area.


Green spaces such as Award-Winning Cypress Community Garden beside the Arbutus Greenway unify Vancouver and provide much-needed pedestrian-friendly connections within the City.


Greenspace-Burrard End-June 2021