2016 March City of Vancouver Purchases Arbutus Corridor!!! 2016 July: City provides Arbutus Corridor Update Notice: Temporary pathway installation under way

2016 -March-City of Vancouver purchases Arbutus Corridor !!!!! July 2016-City provides Update Notice: Temporary asphalt pathway installation under way

The most relevant sections are highlighted below:

Starting this week, the City will begin installing a temporary asphalt pathway to allow continued use of the space for recreation until construction of the future Arbutus Greenway gets underway. The temporary pathway, which will be shared by pedestrians and cyclists, etc. will be installed in sections; the first phase of the asphalt pavement will run from Fir Street to 41st Avenue, and is expected to be completed by the end of Summer 2016.

The pathway will eventually extend all the way south from 41st Avenue to Marpole. The City will advise residents when the pathway is open for recreational use. Permitted use of the temporary pathway will include walking, cycling, rollerblades, and push scooters

The temporary pathway installation will not impact permitted gardens along the pathway

there will be upcoming installations of delineation fencing to be located along community gardens from Fir St to Maple St, and from W. 50th to 57th Ave on East Boulevard. This is to help clarify the separation between the public use space on the temporary pathway and semi-public space of the gardens.

See the full document by clicking here: Arbutus+Corridor+Update+Notice_July+21+2016