Avoid Leaf Clean up til Warmer to Protect Pollinators

Leave the Dead leaves: its important to NOT rake up leaves right now because pollinators are wintering under them. There are websites that provide information on this—https://davidsuzuki.org/living-green/how-to-leave-the-leaves/.  Or https://beecitycanada.org/its-time-to-leavetheleaves/#:~:text=Keeping%20leaves%20intact%20will%20still,have%20emerged%20to%20start%20foraging.

Native Plant Fund Raiser

The Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), is a local charity engaging children and youth facing barriers in environmental stewardship.  On Tuesday, April 12th, EYA will be launching its annual Native Plant Fundraiser – an opportunity to receive a bundle of youth-grown native plants while supporting our free land-based education and job training programs, engaging over 600 […]

Pollinator Project: Goodbye summer!

The final phase of the Cypress native plant and pollinator project was celebrated on Aug 27. The butterflies have now gone into winter hibernation; they will re-emerge next spring. Please stop by Section 3 to see the signboard to learn what plants to add in order to bring food and shelter for butterfly larvae and adults. […]